Beaver County Business Exchange


The name of this organization shall be: Beaver County Business Exchange

The purpose of Beaver County Business Exchange (hereafter identified as BCBE) is to provide an opportunity for business and professional people to increase their business through the exchange of qualified business referrals.

BCBE is an organized group of business and professional people limited to one member per business category. Membership in BCBE is open to anyone, regardless of age, race, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or gender. Membership is gained only after being voted into the organization by the organization's current membership. Membership of any one individual may be terminated at any time by a majority vote of the group's officers. Membership rolls will be kept by the Secretary, whose duties are described in ARTICLE V.

A member of BCBE is defined as any person who has been voted in as a member, attends meetings of BCBE on a regular and frequent basis, gives a minimum of 2 referrals per month in total to the membership of BCBE, and is current in the payment of dues. Dues are defined in ARTICLE VI.

An election of officers, open to the full regular membership, will be held at the first meeting in December each year. The term for elected officers is one calendar year beginning the first meeting in January.

Elections are performed by first nominating candidates for each office, and at the following meeting holding a vote. Voting will be by paper ballot, totaled and reported by the current Secretary. If the office of Secretary is vacant, another officer will conduct the vote.

Should an office be vacated at any time during the year, an election will be held to fill it at the earliest convenient time. Elections are held at regular meetings, described in ARTICLE VIII.

The officers of BCBE shall constitute a board consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at- Arms, Social Chair, Membership Chair and Program Chair. The duties of each office are:

The President is responsible for BCBE's organizational stability. The President has the authority and responsibility to delegate tasks to the Vice-President, Secretary, and other officers. The President shall chair the regular meetings of BCBE. The President shall:

  • Be the chief executive officer of the organization.
  • Act as chairman at all business meetings of the organization.
  • Represent the organization and the membership thereof to organizations and at gatherings where such representation is necessary.
  • Oversee and administer any activities of the organization not specifically under the control of any other officer.

The Vice-President of BCBE is the President's assistant administrator. In addition to assisting the President to fulfill his (her) duties in handling BCBE business, the Vice-President shall assume the President's role in case of his (her) absence. The Vice-President shall:

  • Act as chairman at all meetings of BCBE at which the president is not present.
  • Assume all powers and duties of the president when and while such position is vacant.
  • Assess the needs of the other officers and facilitate those needs through assisting other officers in their duties where requested.

The Secretary shall:

  • Keep up-to-date records of BCBE membership.
  • Manage official correspondence.
  • Maintain a record of votes.
  • Maintain a record of referrals.
  • Be responsible for the production of a newsletter.
  • Maintain all non-financial records of the organization.
  • Be responsible for maintaining the organization's materials.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Be responsible for keeping accurate and complete records of the financial transactions of BCBE.
  • Administer the finances of BCBE with the approval of its members.
  • Prepare and present a budget for the operations of BCBE each fiscal quarter the first meeting in the months of January, April, July and October.
  • Present a report of the financial affairs of BCBE when requested by a member, as outlined in ARTICLE V.

Sergeant at Arms
The Sergeant at Arms shall maintain order during the meeting and insure that the meeting is on schedule. The Sergeant at Arms shall also start the passing of the bucket and shall separate the money and slips in the bucket at the end of the meeting for the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Social Chair
The Social Chair shall come up with "social events" for the organization, schedule and plan such events.

Membership Chair
The Membership Chair shall be responsible for seeking out visitors/prospective new members and welcoming them to BCBE. The Membership Chair shall also assist in helping new members become acclimated with the operations of the BCBE.

Program Chair
The Program Chair shall be responsible for scheduling speakers, preparing and giving the speaker's introduction, preparing and giving the week's Motivational Thought.

As befits a non-profit organization, volunteers will always be welcome to help the officers execute their duties. However, representations made in the name of BCBE must be made by officers of BCBE. This means that any contracts entered into on behalf of BCBE, such as placing a paid ad in the newspaper, must be signed by officers of BCBE. Members of BCBE who are not officers of BCBE may not enter into contracts on behalf of BCBE or present themselves as authorized representatives of BCBE. They may of course cite their affiliation with BCBE.

BCBE, by decree of this charter, institutes a system of dues by which membership will be tracked. These dues will be collected by the Treasurer.

Finances for BCBE are handled by the Treasurer. Funds for BCBE are raised by yearly membership dues of $100, monthly power breakfast dues of $25, one time application dues of $25 and weekly professional fees of fifty cents. Such funds must be recorded as they are received.

Any monies received by an officer of BCBE must be recorded by the Secretary, and placed within the week into a bank account managed for the purpose. Purchases for the use of the organization will be made out of this fund.

If the BCBE should disband, all monies in the treasury will be liquidated by distributing them equally among the BCBE's current membership at that time.

Purchases fall into two categories:

Perpetuals are those items needed for the ordinary running of the organization. These include printing, mailing, web-site, banking, and meal expenses. These costs must be defined by the membership and put to a vote once. Thereafter, such purchases are the discretion of the BCBE officers, but they must be recorded, and receipts kept.

Exceptionals include advertising, chamber memberships, promotional events, and anything else likely to have a value of more than a few dollars. These items must be proposed at the regular meeting and voted on by members present. The Treasurer must record the expense and keep the receipts.

At any time, any member may request an audit of the books of BCBE. The request must be made at a convened meeting of BCBE, and the Treasurer and other officers have until the next meeting to produce the expense reports to meet the request.

Initially, the bank account for managing BCBE funds must be created in such a way that two signatures are required for a withdrawal to take place.

Power Breakfast Meetings
Power Breakfast Meetings refer to the formal weekly meetings conducted by BCBE to promote the goals of BCBE. It will be necessary from time to time to conduct additional formal business at these meetings, such as elections, amendments to the charter, scheduling of special events, etc. This business will be held at the beginning of the regular meetings. During this segment, the President of BCBE will be in charge of all discussions, and parliamentary rules will be observed (within the limits of courtesy).

Board Meetings
Board Meetings are held one half hour before the first regular monthly Power Breakfast Meeting. All officers are required to attend the monthly Board Meetings. The regular business of the Board Meeting is the Treasurer's Monthly Report, the scheduling of speakers and the scheduling of socials.

A minimum of 6 officers need to be in attendance for a quorum. A quorum is needed only if an item is being proposed that needs to go before the full membership for a vote or if the status of a member is going to a vote.

The membership of the BCBE shall be empowered to, from time to time and as it sees fit, amend BCBE's charter.


Notice of any motion to amend the charter of the BCBE shall be given at a BCBE meeting no less than fourteen days before the meeting at which the matter is to be considered.

Any motion subject to the above provision must be approved by a two-thirds majority of members present at the time of consideration in order to take effect.


Board Meetings
Board Meetings are held in place of the first regular monthly Power Breakfast Meeting. All officers are required to attend the monthly Board Meetings. The regular business of the Board Meeting is the Treasurer's Monthly Report, the scheduling of speakers and the scheduling of socials.

The remainder of the meeting is to be used as a group discussion time. All members are required to attend this meeting, just as any other weekly Power Breakfast meeting.

At the President's discretion, parts of the regular agenda are not followed during this meeting, primarily the area for the featured weekly speaker.


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