Beaver County Business Exchange

Membership Requirements

1. Attendance Requirements
Consistent attendance at weekly meetings is essential to your success and the success of the organization. This consistency strengthens relationships and ensures your ability to realize the goals of being a member. Attendance is recorded and the following guidelines apply:
  • Attend weekly Power Breakfasts; two consecutive unexcused meetings or three missed meetings in a calendar quarter are subject to membership suspension or expulsion.

  • An unexcused meeting is a meeting for which you did not call a board member and notify them of your need to be absent. If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to call. You may call Michael Arnold (membership chair) at 412-860-3345.

    2. Referral Requirements
    Members are required to give a minimum of two referrals per month. There are two types of referrals - first generation and second generation.

    • First Generation Referral: You personally use the products or services of a fellow member.

    • Second Generation Referral: You refer a client, associate, friend or family member to a fellow member. These referrals must be qualified referrals. This means simply that you have spoken to a person and received permission to have a Beaver County Business Exchange member contact them concerning their products or services.

    3. New Member Recruitment
    Invite potential new members to a Power Breakfast as soon as possible. The more members the group has, the easier referrals will flow, and the faster your business will grow. As a new member, you are required to recruit one new member for the organization in your first year.

    4. Professional Fees
    These fees are assessed at each weekly meeting. Non-payment of the fees may result in immediate loss of membership. IOU's are not acceptable. These fees generate funds for our social events and community involvement, but they primarily serve to help remind each of us of our responsibilities as Beaver County Business Exchange members. The fees are as follows:

    • $.50   No Guest
    • $.50   Missed Lucky Member
    • $.50   No Referral
    • $.50   Late to Meeting

    5. Dues
    Monthly dues are currently $25.00 per month, regardless of the number of meetings held that month, regardless of the number of meetings you attended that month. Monthly dues are assessed upon all members, whether or not you eat. Dues are payable the first Thursday of every month.

    Annual dues are currently $100.00 and are invoiced annually by the treasurer.

    6. Membership Limitations

    • Multi-Level Marketing Companies are not eligible for membership foe the purpose of growing their MLM Network. Member of MLM Companies may join the Beaver County Business Exchange for the purpose of retailing their products or services only.

    • Category Overlaps - occasionally slight overlaps of occupations may occur. In case of such overlap, the approval from present members will be required before the category is filled. If there are approved overlaps, the members will not be permitted to solicit business in categories filled by other members.

    7. High Standards
    Beaver County Business Exchange members must commit to maintaining high ethical and professional conduct. Complaints by other members concerning services or products will be grounds for possible expulsion or suspension. These complaints should be submitted to a board member to be discussed in private by the board.

    Download Our Membership Application:

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